Agropark - clean power to the people


Electronet : Lighting Africa smart power grid 

Product innovation: Smart power village grid. 
Country: Multicountry: Africa, Brazil, India. 
This project is to provide cleansolar, bio, 
hydrogen hybrid lighting for rural villages, 
500 homes.
Energy efficient, low cost off-grid multipower 
system withController for sell/buy/store energy 
twoway house by house. A prepaid consumption 
limit with switching to low power 30 W free
lighting as social network integrated.
Green electronics, local assembly and interface 
for intermitting City power are the base to 
overcome the lack of Electrification in Africa. 
The base station Electrobox Recyclo solar was 
presentedduring 2008 in Africa Accra and Togo 
for field Test 230 V AC solar.